Review index


How the right-wing co-opts the lexicon of social justice. Review of Rob Nixon, Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press: 2011) for SLiPnet (Stellenbosch Literary Project). The Future Eaters.  Streamlined version at The Daily Maverick. 

Elegy on trial: Writing the African Resistance Movement. Review of Hugh Lewin, Stones Against the Mirror: Friendship in the Time of the South African Struggle (Cape Town: Umuzi, 2011) for SLiPnet (Stellenbosch Literary Project):

Between a Howl and a Whine. Review of Letter to South Africa: Poets Calling the State to Order (Cape Town: Umuzi, 2011) for SLiPnet (Stellenbosch Literary Project):

What the Butler Didn’t See. Review of Guy Butler: Reassessing a South African Literary Life, by Chris Thurman (Scottsville: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2010) in South African Journal of Science, (2011).

Marabi Nights, Merry Blackbirds, Epistles and Exiles: Jazz in South African Literature 1950-1970. Review surveying works by Gwen Ansell, David Coplan, Michael Titlestad and others. English in Africa (October 2010).

Review of Representing Bushmen: South Africa and the Origin of Language, by Shane Moran. (Rochester NY: University of Rochester Press, 2009). Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History (Winter 2010).

Mixed Metaphors: Review of Mark Gevisser, Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred (Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball, 2007) in Journal of Southern African Studies 34:4 (2008).

Guilty Pleasures: Review of Michael Chapman, Omnibus of a Century of South African Short Stories (Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball, 2007). LitNet website.

Isigingc’ asakh’ umuzi – (A guitar does not build a homestead): Review of David Coplan, In Township Tonight! Three Centuries of South African Black City Music and Theatre (University of Chicago Press, second edn. 2008). LitNet website.

Love in the Archive: Review of Pippa Skotnes, Claim to the Country: The Archive of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd (Ohio University Press, 2007). LitNet website.

A Doggy Dog World: Review of Jonny Steinberg, Notes from a Fractured Country: Selected Journalism (Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball, 2007).  LitNet website.