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Prince Pro

About my father’s record collection and my mother’s tennis racket. Object Relations: Essays and Images.  Edited and photographed by Stephen Inggs | Michaelis School of Fine Art, 2014. Reprinted in Monday Monthly | 1 December 2014. …It is a Prince Pro, … Continue reading

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N2: A Bibliography

Cityscapes | Issue 05 | April 2014. ‘…Road passes might be imagined as the asphalt equivalent of what translators call lexical “rich points”: complex and vulnerable sites where much attention and labour have been concentrated…’  

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Juice Time

A wayward tribute to Alice Munro…and Raymond E. Feist.  . Electricity gone down from Flower Road to Davenport. No internet on a Sunday. Peace. Yesterday’s swimming is still in me, in my shoulders and hair. Clifton 3 ½ beach with … Continue reading

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Financial Times | 20 September 2013. The N2 is the longest highway in South Africa. It starts at an intersection near the docks in Cape Town, follows the eastern seaboard of the country (roughly), then bends inland below Swaziland to end at … Continue reading

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22 July | Rearview

Sunday in Calitzdorp: a kitsch tearoom with panpiped music, ragged kids saying they will look after my car nicely. It is the 22nd of July. If I had to track backwards, to rewind the last week… The Peugeot is reversing … Continue reading

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A certain kind of South Africa evaporated…

                    …for me when I finally got my driver’s licence, fifth time lucky near a cold northern ring road. No more solidarity with the verge walkers and all those who talk about, worry about, conceive of a whole domain of … Continue reading

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Road trip into the Klein Karoo

…Sean leaving as many loose ends as the wires that twisted out of the cubbyhole where the radio should have been. To remedy this, Roderick’s other lodger, Sarah, had lent me a pair of portable battery speakers which I balanced … Continue reading

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