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Sea Power

From Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, and back again… A genre-busting book, Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard does a rare thing: it is non-fiction that breaks the mould of works that look in on the continent from the outside. It … Continue reading

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Half-lives, Half-truths

Svetlana Alexievich and the nuclear imagination. Reflecting on Voices from Chernobyl for the South Africa PEN essay series. 18 August 2016. In my twenties I worked for a while as an usher at a small cinema in Edinburgh. My job was to tear … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Rain

An interview with Rustum Kozain. The following conversation took place on 31 July 2015 at Rustum Kozain’s flat in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. Prior to my arrival, Rustum had prepared a chicken balti with cabbage according to a recipe from Birmingham, … Continue reading

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The True Confessions of a First Year Convenor

Curriculum change: problems and possibilities.  Third Space Symposium: Decolonisation and the Creative Arts. ICA | Hiddingh Hall, University of Cape Town | 13-14 May 2016. Institute for Creative Arts and Black Academic Caucus “seize the decolonial nettle.” Italo Calvino, Why … Continue reading

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Negative Spaces

A visit to a deconstruction site. Diary, Financial Times, 15 April 2016. [PDF] Deconstruction: a notoriously hard-to-define mode of textual analysis associated with the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, distantly descended (my Dictionary of Critical Theory tells me) from Friedrich Nietzsche’s dictum … Continue reading

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A journey through the public pools of greater Cape Town. Solitary but sociable, easeful but dangerous, gloriously escapist but inescapably political – a swimmer’s progress is full of paradoxes… Openings column | Financial Times, 8 January, 2016. Waterlog #3 | Sea Point … Continue reading

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A Useless Life

Literary biography and the limits of ‘research’. Visions of Tsafendas | Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies Volume 16, Issue 4, 2015. Research seminar, research cluster, research output. The word is almost a fetish within the contemporary academy—but … Continue reading

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