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The Sound of Islay

Introducing the Bodley Head / FT essay competition. Financial Times | 11 November 2016. 1. Just before I turned 30 I was homeless for a while. Homeless is the wrong word, an exaggeration. But I was in Edinburgh with little money … Continue reading

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Sea Power

From Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, and back again… A genre-busting book, Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard does a rare thing: it is non-fiction that breaks the mould of works that look in on the continent from the outside. It … Continue reading

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Xolobeni and the Violence of ‘Development’

Screening and panel discussion hosted by Environmental Humanities South. For over a decade, members of the Amadiba community in Xolobeni have expressed their opposition to mining titanium on the sand dunes of Pondoland, on the Wild Coast of South Africa. … Continue reading

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Negative Spaces

A visit to a deconstruction site. Diary, Financial Times, 15 April 2016. [PDF] Deconstruction: a notoriously hard-to-define mode of textual analysis associated with the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, distantly descended (my Dictionary of Critical Theory tells me) from Friedrich Nietzsche’s dictum … Continue reading

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Nuclear Summer

A walk through South Africa’s nuclear pasts and futures. Power Trip: Where will Zuma’s nuclear dreams take us? Sunday Times, 7 Feb 2016 | Photographs by Neil Overy (above) and Barry Christianson. Recently I took part in a “walking residency”, making … Continue reading

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A journey through the public pools of greater Cape Town. Solitary but sociable, easeful but dangerous, gloriously escapist but inescapably political – a swimmer’s progress is full of paradoxes… Openings column | Financial Times, 8 January, 2016. Waterlog #3 | Sea Point … Continue reading

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On the Brink of the Mundane

Rereading Ivan Vladislavić: The Restless Supermarket and Double Negative. (Much) shorter version at the New Statesman, 9 January 2015: Lost in Joburg: One of South Africa’s most accomplished prose stylists gets a timely reissue. Do copy-editors still use their time-honoured signs: the confident slashes, … Continue reading

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